Tbooth wireless

"Point of Purchase posters for Tbooth wireless stores"

Tbooth wireless


The Brief:

Using the new design direction developed by the creative team at Grey Vancouver, the objective is to reproduce the circular pattern from the approved design concept and apply it to the new POP files for the fall season. Also creating small icons that fits with the overall style.


The Challenges: 

Recreating the circular pattern and applying the pattern to the different POP pieces for the T-booth’s fall advertisements.


The Solution:
Working along side David Wong, the creative director at Grey, we decided that it would be best if we create a few different templates for the circular pattern in order for us to effectively apply the pattern to the different layouts of the POP pieces. There are a total of 6 templates used for all the POP pieces and by cropping each template differently, we were able to give each POP piece its distinct look.


Here is the entire brand book with all of the POP pieces and ways on how to apply the circular pattern.

Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : Tbooth Wireless
  • Skills : print, posters, pop, layout, pattern, icons