Shape Collage

“An automatic photo collage maker that makes beautiful collage quickly and easily.”

Shape Collage


The Brief:

Redesign the existing Shape Collage logo and iOS app to give it a more modern look.


The Challenges:

Creating a brand/app that’s more modern and create an on-boarding process that’s easy for the users to follow and understand how the app works.


The Solution:

I was able to give the Shape Collage logo a more modern look by combining different bright colors to make the logo more eye0catching. For the on boarding process, I introduced a 3 card swipe (which the user can skip) to guide the users through a mini tutorial before the users starts using the app. This way, we can let the user know what the app does before asking for permission for accessing the user’s photo albums.

Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : Shape Collage Inc.
  • Skills : wireframing, ux, ui, iOS