Noodle Bar

Logo and Web design for a school project

Noodle Bar


The Brief:

To create a brand identity and a mobile compatible website for a noodle house called the Noodle Bar.  The Noodle Bar is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and its main targets are young adults and local business people around the downtown area.


The Challenges:

With a number of different restaurants in the Gastown area, the identity of the restaurant had to be unique, and the restaurant should be a place that is comfortable for both young adults and local business people to come into and enjoy a meal.


The Solution:

The main concept behind the identity is the strands of noodle itself.  The final logo design incorporates strands of noodles in a circle and inside that circle are the initials of Noodle Bar made up with a strand of noodle.


Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : Vancouver Film School
  • Skills : web design, logo, ux, ui, wireframing