Le Petit Souris

Swedish Wedding, photography | January 22, 2014

Le Petit Souris


Here are some chocolate display labels and box labels that I have worked on with creative directions from Kim Pickett, the creative director of KIMBO Design, during my 3 months internship at KIMBO Design Inc.  I mainly worked on the icons and the background pattern on each chocolate bar.


The Brief:

To create 5 more labels that will work hand in hand with the already popular “Scarlet” chocolate labels.


The Challenges:

To create simple yet recognizable icons for each of the different flavor bars, yet keeping the look and feel of the icons consistent with the “Scarlet” chocolate bars so all 6 bars can work as a set when finished. Creating a background pattern that is subtle yet attractive for the 5 new flavors was also a challenge.


The Solution:

With creative directions from Kim Pickett, the creative director of KIMBO Design Inc. we decided to keep the icons as simple as possible by reducing the lines of the icons to a minimal.  As for the background pattern, instead of using a stock image for the entire pattern, we decided that we should build the pattern by dissecting different Art Deco patterns and reducing each patterns to its simple form then combing them again to make the background pattern for each of the new labels.


Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : Le Petit Souris
  • Skills : logo, pattern, print, packaging