Heartwood Centre for Women

"Website for BC women's hospital addictions recovery program"

Heartwood Centre for Women


Heartwood  is a program located at the B.C Women’s Hospital that provides treatment to women with substance dependence, mental health concerns (including trauma) and primary health and/or chronic diseases issue.


The Brief:

Create a public space where potential candidates can obtain general information to learn more about the Heartwood Program.


The Challenges:

Creating a website that is easy to use and welcoming to potential Heartwood candidates. The website needs to have all the facts and resources needed to answer commonly asked questions and point candidates to their correct healthy authority to obtain a referral package.


The Solution:

Working closely with Andrew McKinley, the art director at GREY Vancouver, I have created a website using multiple photographs from the Heartwood Program. By using numerous photos of the Heartwood facilities, the users can look at the website and get a feel on what a typical day at the Heartwood Program can be like when they visit the site. I tried to keep the layout of the site as simple as possible in order for users to quickly locate the information they need.



Have a look at the design comps for the website:

Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : BC Women's Hospital
  • Skills : web design, art direction, photography, ux, ui