BC Centres For Excellence Eating Disorder

The Kelty CFE web portal was done during my 4 months internship at GREY Vancouver.

BC Centres for Excellence Eating Disorder


The Brief:

1.Create a well-organized site, that is easy to navigate and keeps the CFE up-to-date with relevant information.
2.Facilitate ability to add content and discussion on this alive and interactive site


The Challenges:

To create a collaborative space that allow physicians, professionals and the public to share and discuss information about eating disorders. The web page needs to be well-organize and easy to navigate for its users in order for users to access research studies, workshop & event details, program information, clinical practice guidelines, education & training videos and project sharing.


The Solution:

Working closely with Andrew McKinley, the art director at GREY Vancouver, I have created a website that is clean and easy to navigate. I have taken the CFE identity that I have created and applied those attributes on to the website where it made sense. The webpage being so content heavy, I did not want to make the website more complicated than it needed to be by over crowding the website the CFE brand elements. I have also made and used icons on the sidebars to give the page more balance and give the users a visual cues to different information that is associated with the different sidebars.



have a look at the design comps for the website:

Project Details

  • Created : 03/02/15
  • Client : Kelty Eating Disorder
  • Skills : web design, ui, ux, wireframing