About me!

Thanks for visiting! Here is a little info about me and my tools of trade!


“Hello My name is Halley Chung, a UX/UI Designer from Vancouver B.C.”

As a UX/UI Designer and a passion for all things design related, I bring a critical eye and a high level of expertise into every project that I am involved in. I enjoy working with clients and taking their initial ideas and concepts and turning them into a highly polished final product. By working with the client every step of the way, It allows me to apply my diverse skills in branding, product strategy, info architecture, UX/UI design and art direction.

With a Psychology background, I’ve continued to find ways to apply my understanding of Psychology into my design process. I approach each project with only one thing in mind and that is to create a memorable and compelling visual experience for the audiences.

If you are willing to accept new ideas and looking for smart, high quality, innovative designs, let’s get in touch and discuss about your project!.



My Toolbox

Here are some of the tools that I use everyday! I spend most of my time in Adobe CC, Omnigraffle for quick wire framing, Invision for rapid prototyping and Skala for design preview!